Volunteer as an Ambassador

Interested persons should:

  • Have an appreciation of Pan Africanism & current technologies.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and interact well in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Ability to work calmly under pressure with minimum or no supervision and handling of multiple tasks.
  • Excellent creativity and confidence to share new ideas.
  • Taking on a brand ambassador role means that we want you to represent I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE positively and enthusiastically.


Brand Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Protect Black people from the harm & humiliation of racism & xenophobia.
  • Recommend Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses.
  • Verify Black Owned & Black Friendly businesses.
  • Disseminate our message of love to large groups of people, especially positive social influencers with a large platform or following.
  • Promote and get as many people as you can to download the app.
  • Wear our message of love every time especially at predominately Black social, political, and economic events.
  • Develop creative and relevant social media content (i.e. post and stories) that are relevant to the cause. (i.e. Making a story or post about your positive experience, with black-owned businesses or collegiate events).


Perks of being an Ambassador:

  • The opportunity to join a revolutionary movement.
  • Supporting the cause of Anti-racism.
  • Protecting Black people from the humiliation and harm of racism.

Why do you think you will make a great I Love Black People Ambassador